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Judith Suite pdf sewing pattern, 2 MEDIUM SIZES

Judith Suite pdf sewing pattern, 2 MEDIUM SIZES


Judith is a womens loose fitting pull over dress with a drop waist, round neck and short sleeves. The circular skirt can be a simple circle falling smoothly from the hips or have tucks added to give it texture. Two inset pockets may be added along the join of the Bodice to the skirt, or omitted.

The pattern has 2 elastic waist skirt versions and 3 Shirt versions.

The many making options means the separates can be mixed and matched for multiple different looks. The Dress bodice also has the option to be made with the single tuck included (as in Shirt view 2), which means it can be made in 4 different ways.

The garment is best made in light to medium weight woven fabrics

This download includes the pattern in 2 sizes:

                        MEDIUM                             MED/LARGE

Bust:           105 - 110cm (41-43")         110 - 115cm (43-45")
Waist:          95 - 105cm (37-41")          105 - 115cm (41-45")  

The pattern may be printed in multiple pdf tiles (50 pages) or on 2x AO size pages through a print shop in wide format (841cm x 1190cm/34 x 37") 19 pages of detailed instructions with pictures and diagrams. Written with metric and imperial measurements.