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AURANA TOP PDF sewing pattern

AURANA TOP PDF sewing pattern


A boxy loose fitting womens top. Pulls on over head and has short sleeves. Round neckline with facing. The front of the top features patchworked sections. The back is plain.

SIZE BY BUST - these 5 sizes on pattern sheet
100 - 109cm  / 39 - 43” 114cm
Maximum finished size for Small = 45”

Medium:  109 - 114cm  /  43 - 45” 120cm
Maximum finished size for Medium = 47”

Med/Large:  114 - 120cm  /  45 - 47” 126cm
Maximum finished size for Med/Large = 49”

Large:  120 - 126cm  /  47 - 49” 130cm
Maximum finished size for Large = 51”

XLarge:  126 - 132cm  /  49 - 52” 136cm
Maximum finished size for XLarge = 53 1/2”

There are multiple ways the design could be interpreted and here are some of the designers suggestions:

1) make as a “bojagi” type patchwork, with the garment made in a sheer fabric like silk or organza and with either flat felled seams or french seams on the outside of the garment.

2) patchwork made in 2, 3 or more solid colours.

3) patchwork made in a combination of stripes in varying directions. Stripe fabrics of varying widths could be used and even different colours.

4) patchwork made in a combination of solid colours and prints.

5) Make the centre front V section in a sheer or lacy fabric and the remainder in solid.

6) To make the black and red version with textile art embellishment as shown on the Aurana Top cover page visit my blog at www.pearlredmoon.com and download the link given to the FREE TUTORIAL in the right side bar. 

The tutorial is for a fabric embellishment technique that can be used as a surface applique on clothing. In it I outline how to apply the piece that is made to the Aurana Top. However, experienced sewists could easily use the technique to apply to any other item of clothing. The tutorial is available to anyone for free, without any obligation or need to purchase the Aurana Top PDF sewing pattern.

The tutorial is viewed in Adobe Reader and can be printed on 5x A4 pages. It consists of text instructions, pictures, diagrams, along with the specific steps to apply the decorative piece to the Aurana Top. To make the black and red version of the top as seen in the picture shown here, this tutorial needs to be used in conjunction with the Aurana Top PDF pattern.