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Boho Banjo art to wear

JUDITH SUITE, womens pdf sewing pattern, 3 Small sizes

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Judith is a womens loose fitting pull over dress with a drop waist, round neck and short sleeves. The circular skirt can be a simple circle falling smoothly from the hips or have tucks added to give it texture. Two inset pockets may be added along the join of the Bodice to the skirt, or omitted.

The pattern has 2 elastic waist skirt versions and 3 Shirt versions.

The garment is best made in light to medium weight woven fabrics

This download includes the pattern in 3 sizes:

           XXSmall      XSmall         Small

Bust    86 - 94        94 - 99        99 -105 cm
            34 - 37        37 - 39       39 - 41 inch
Waist   76 - 84        84 - 89       89 - 95 cm
             30 - 33       33 - 35       35 - 37 inch

The pattern may be printed on 47-50 pages on a home printer or 2x AO pages at a copy shop.19 pages of detailed instructions with pictures and diagrams. Metric and imperial measurements.


PDF sewing patterns
Buyer Beware:

It’s not my policy to give refunds to purchasers who realise after buying that they can’t open the file on their particular device, for example a chromebook, ipad or tablet. Pattern files will open on a PC as they are saved in .pdf format which is read onscreen in Adobe Reader. 

From a PC the PDF pattern and instruction booklets can be printed on a home printer that is connected to the PC. If you don’t have a home printer there are other options such as emailing the file directly to a copy shop or saving it on a memory stick (usb) and taking it there for printing. AO files are large paper sheets that allow the pattern to be printed without the necessity of taping multiple A4 pages together. AO files can only be printed at a copy shop on a wide format specialist printer and the business will charge a price per page for this service. 

Please be aware that some browser devices such as Chromebooks, tablets and ipads have limited functionality and may not run the programs necessary for opening the file format. Sometimes apps can be installed that facilitate the necessary programs on those devices and this something you need to know in advance before buying your PDF pattern.

You can still buy a pattern even if you only have a browsing device if you’re prepared to do one of these options
• email the file to your own PC, a friends, one in a workplace or even in a public library to access the file. In a public library you'll be able to print to their printer for a price per page.
• email the file directly to a copy shop and have them print either the AO or PDF versions.