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Boho Banjo art to wear

Friducha Brooch #1

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Designed and hand made by Pearl Red Moon. 

A charming and whimsical brooch that can be worn on the front of a garment or pinned to a strip of fabric and worn as a necklace. 

The brooch is backed with stiff cloth and zigzag stitched around the outer edge. A small black safety pin forms the naive style pin at the top.

The face image is printed on archival treated cotton cloth so it won't fade. It is sealed to be water resistant. The focal piece is 35mm(1 1/4") wide and stitched to the upper top left edge is a tiny metal flower and other beads.

4 dangles are stitched to the bottom edge falling approx 4cm(1 1/2") long. They are a brass chain tassel, 2 fringes with glass beads and crystal/metal flower bead and a brass celtic cross.

Don't wash, soak or immerse the brooch in water. If necessary,it can be easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.