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Thirty Coats softcover book

Thirty Coats softcover book


"Thirty Coats" is an A4 size book with 32 full colour pages.

In March 2020 I exhibited 30 art coats at the Newcastle Art Space Gallery in New South Wales, Australia. The collection was made by me over a period of 6 months. Each coat was wholly constructed from used, upcycled fabrics bought from thrift shops and garage sales in my local area. I used my skills as a textile artist to alter the fabrics with a wide variety of techniques such as stenciling, screenprinting, applique/reverse applique, machine and hand embroidery and patchwork.

Photographs in the book show front and back views of each coat and selected close ups of the surface. The text gives the name of each coat and describes the materials and techniques utilised in it's making.

With 32 pages of quality photographic reproductions on medium gloss 225gsm pages, Thirty Coats is a reference treasury of textile art that will delight and inspire lovers of wearable textile art.